The Alberta Workers Compensation Act applies to employees in both Provincially and Federally regulated industries.

Information for Workers:

WCB is a non-profit organization that helps workers who have been injured at work by providing financial compensation for lost wages.  WCB focuses on helping injured workers with returning to work as quickly as possible.  While most employers and workers are covered under WCB, some industries are exempt.

Definition of Accident According to WCB:

The accident arises out of and occurs in the course of employment and includes:

  • A willful and intentional act that was NOT the act of the injured worker
  • A chance event
  • Disablement
  • A disabling or potentially disabling condition caused by occupational disease
WCB May Provide:

Wage Replacement for lost income

  • Disability benefits based on 90% of net earnings to a maximum that is set by the Board of Directors on a yearly basis.

Medical Services

  • Expenses related to the treatment of the work injury (e.g. hospitalization, medical treatment, prescriptions, prosthesis, assessments, and vocational assistance).
  • Covers costs associated with attending Occupational Injury Services clinics.

Return to Work Services

  • Covers expenses such as resume writing, job finding assistance, training, and academic programs.
  • Funeral Expenses and Survivor Benefits
Worker’s Responsibility when an Injury Occurs:

Report the injury to:

  1. Employer
    Pick up Employee Information Package (if available) and bring to the doctor.
  2. Health Care Provider (Doctor)
    Bring Physical Demands Analysis and a copy of your job description, if available.
  3. Workers’ Compensation Board
    Complete Injury Report immediately (report online at or complete a paper form).

If you need help filing a WCB claim, please click on the link.

Disclaimer information:

The information on Worker’s Compensation benefits has been gathered from the Government of Alberta website.