The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability benefit is a monthly payment available to people who have a disability that is both “severe” and “prolonged”, and must prevent them from being able to work at any job on a regular basis, or a disability that may result in death.

The CPP Disability Program will review the contributions you made to CPP prior to becoming disabled.  You must have made enough contributions to the CPP in at least 4 of the last 6 years, or you must have had made valid CPP contributions for at least 25 years, including 3 of the last 6 years.  Additional circumstances may be considered of your working years.  Your previous contributions are used to calculate your monthly benefit.

There are benefits for children if at least 1 parent qualifies for the CPP disability benefits.

If you are receiving benefits from other programs, you may or may not qualify for CPP disability.

How to Apply

Applications for CPP disability benefits must be made in writing.  The application can be retrieved online at or you can contact Service Canada to request it by mail.

It may take up to 4 months for a decision.  If you have a terminal illness, you will receive a decision much sooner.

A medical adjudicator from the CPP disability program will determine if your disability meets the requirements.

If your application for CPP disability benefits is not accepted, you can request a review or reconsideration of the decision.

What’s Next?

If you have been accepted for CPP disability benefits, you must contact Service Canada to keep them informed of any changes while you are collecting the benefits.  Some examples include: name change, address change, earnings, etc.

Service Canada will review your health and work status from time to time to determine that you continue to be eligible for the CPP disability benefits.

The CPP disability benefit is taxable.

The CPP disability benefits will stop if your condition improves and you return to work at any job on a regular basis, or you turn 65, or upon your death.

The information on CPP disability benefits has been gathered from the Government of Canada website as follows:

For more information, please contact your local Service Canada Centre office, in English at 1-800-277-9914 or in French at 1-800-277-9915.

If you need help applying for CPP disability benefits, please click on the link.

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